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Bachata Soul

Sensuality   |   Bachata   |  Divinity






Experience the essence of your Goddess by celebrating your ancestral body and energetic wisdom through movement.


A Glance of Our Goddess Collective


Our Container is a space for you to:


  • Strengthen Your Intuitive Technique in Bachata Dance 

  • Embody Raw and Regal Confidence

  • Evoke Your Goddess through Sensual Movement

  • Inspire Your Embodiment Both On and Off the Dance Floor

  • Connect in Sisterhood

  • Empower your Daily Rituals

The Goddess Echo

Bachata soul is one of my favourite spaces to be in to evoke my sensuality. I wouldn’t call it a dance class or session, rather an experience that awakens the divine feminine in a safe and open container amongst other ladies. That said, I always leave learning a few soft and gentle movements that continue to serve me whether I’m dancing or jus feeling cute! Im beyond excited to experience the depths that this container holds

-Rand Alaboudi
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7 part series begins
Sunday December 19 2021
Part 1
Ancestral Awareness & Postural Presence

By connecting with the wisdom of your body and messages from your ancestors, we empower every cell and memory to move in love and strength.

Part 2
Chakra Activation & Bachata Basics

Activating our chakras to open channels of movement is the Bachata Soul approach of learning and mastering bachata flow.

Part 3
Ladies Styling & Divine Feminine Expression

Evoking our Goddess with grace, strength, and primal regality is our intention in week 3 as we play with mudras, meditations, and our divine feminine choreo.

Part 4
Musicality & Intuitive Movement
Learning to connect with the music we move to is the catalyst to free, intuitive movement within our sessions. Become one with the music that will flow through your body and embrace your movement.

Part 5
Sensual Choreo & Embodied Rituals
The coming together of our magic will be evoked on and off the dance floor as we play with the choreo we've created and integrate our Goddess Evoked into everything we do and every part of who we are.

Part 6
Sensual Choreo & New Year Breakthroughs
Our intention to dance into the new year together creates an intention of lasting sisterhood, transformational accountability, and a commitment to the energetic power of our sensual expression.

Part 7
Glowing Goddess Embodiment 
Our celebration is not of completion, but of beginnings in union with our Goddess, evoked. This movement class will bring together our Bachata Soul pillars to solidify the embodiment we are calling forward in our expression.

This experience includes virtual containers, integration rituals, and a private space for sharing and connection.
Bachata Soul
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