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We don't take love lightly.


Release & Transform

Anyone considering doing Goddess Girl Talk Course listen up!! 
This course is created by a Goddess, for Goddesses.
However you name your highest self, this course is all about accessing and honouring the empowering, feminine, creative creatrix in you, with just the perfect balance of masculine. 
Starting from zero to creating your own coaching course, Jessica teaches you how to create your coaching course solidly based on the pillars that you stand for.
This bachata- loving badass, wise- beyond- her- years impactor had me create my very first course, which I’m so proud of, and acquired my very first client before my course was even completed!
And the Coachable Crash Course we were gifted within this course just drives home everything you need to know to create impact as a coach through social media. 
Can’t thank this girl enough! Goddess Girl Talk really creates a connected group experience both in the live lessons and through the social media content support. 
Through the ups and the downs, Jess shows up as the example of what she teaches.. A generous, consistent, ever evolving, empowered, reliable badass with such a finesse for balancing her ♀️feminine & her ♂️masculinity.
Highly recommend Goddess Girl Talks course!!


Jessica truly embodies her mission of Goddess Girl Talk as an empowered coach and female leader; sharing a 1 on 1 with me,
Jessica was able to instantly solidify my thoughts and bring fresh perspective in where I lacked in my business model.

15 min into our conversation, Jessica was able to package my thoughts into marketable proposals — literally offering the missing and necessary ingredient I’ve been looking for to release my first program.

What I appreciated the most today, was Jessica’s remarkable gift of grouping ideas and seamlessly leading women towards expressing their worth -
standing tall by the organizations they represent.

Thank you for all that you represent!


Isabella SJ Kanso
Fierce Femmes


Lara AlGhoul
Project Lotus

Last year I was going through one of the biggest breakdowns of my life. I was feeling defeated and frustrated. I knew I wanted to create something meaningful with my life but didn’t know how or where to even begin. Insert meeting Jessica at an event just a few months into my journey of self-discovery. 

Jessica changed my entire outlook on life and challenged me as person to move forward, living a life of purpose and compassion.

She is an incredible conscious business coach, she knows how to hold space for you and at the same time, hold you accountable – and trust me, that is not an easy task! 


Surrounded by her love and support, it was easy to strengthen my connection to myself, which inevitably strengthened my connection with everything & everyone around me.

The clarity & focus that I have developed with Jessica’s guidance, can’t even be put into words - I feel more aligned, confident & driven than I have ever felt before. I am so overwhelmingly grateful for our time together and what it's done for me personally & professionally, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds! 

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Jessica's presence will encourage you to dig deep into who you are and invite you to experience the magic of your leadership and creations.
Before I joined the collective, I was having breakthroughs simply from speaking with Jess.
She sees you for the potential you have.
She hears the message you want to express and guides into unleashing the realest and rawest version of you.
She celebrates your wins and holds space for your breakdowns.
I am eternally grateful for the decision I took to move forward with the collective.
This decision gifted me with tools, vision, confidence and sisterhood to dive into my dreams unlike ever before."


Rand Alboudi
MindBody Alchemy

Experience Your Goddess in Action and Thrive in Your Business and Expression 


We're stronger, together.

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