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Your Goddess in Action

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: The Voice of Your Goddess

We will:

  • Work through a blueprint that will support you in discovering the moments of your life that make up the transformation you desire to make in others.

  • Release any beliefs/opinions/voices you've adopted throughout your life that suppress your voice and message

CHAPTER 2: She, Expressed

We will:

  • Experience clarity on what The Voice of Your Goddess has to say; strategies and activities on crafting and communicating your message.

  • Create The Language of Your Brand; time to build your brand dictionary!

CHAPTER 3: The Business Babe Blueprint

We will:

  • Discover your dream client and dream mission

  • Identify the gap you're committed to solving

  • Embody your defining difference in the market

  • Learn social media hacks for impact

CHAPTER 4: Your Offering

We will:

  • Bundle your genius 

  • Create your product/service/program

  • Price your offerings in alignment with your self-worth and deliverables

CHAPTER 5: Your Offering, Revised

We will: 

  • Introduce your program to extended members of the Goddess Girl Talk Collective

  • Edit and refine your offering based on their feedback and what you're inspired to evolve


CHAPTER 6: Introducing Your Creative Expression to the World

We will:

  • Create content that supports your mission and message through written, video, and graphic templates

  • Plant seeds of your program within your community 

  • Build authentic relationships with your community and prospects

Chapter 7: The Social Media Impact Campaign

We will:

  • Customize your 4 week Social Media Impact Campaign that supports you in content creation, consistency, creativity, and strategy for online presence and leadership

  • Learn how to use this Campaign as a strategy for ongoing impact through our leadership and expression

Chapter 8: Invitations vs. Sales


We will:

  • Evolve our mindset on what it means to "sell" something

  • Learn how to use communication and language to gain clients

OPTIONAL: Video Content with Jess


CHAPTER 9: Script Writing and Shoot Planning

We will:

  • Write a script through transformational storytelling that compels your audience to learn more

  • Be positioned through the standard of your production

  • Experience planning a video shoot for your brand first hand



Chapter 10: Video Shoot​

You will experience:

  • 1 day shoot to record the first promo video for your brand


Join us in both
Divine Dining & Bachata Soul Experiences

to immerse your expression within our

Goddess Girl Talk Community.

 Event Details will be shared in Chapter 1

of our Collective. 

What is

Bachata Soul


Divine Dining?


Bachata Soul
This all women's Bachata workshop is tailored to evoke your sensuality and femininity through movement.

Dance through life with your fierce and yet graceful confidence.

Divine Dining

Because we love food and each other's company.

Meet the Goddesses who are walking with you on this journey of expression and leadership over great food and even better conversations.

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